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Monday, February 27, 2006

5 in 2

Dear blog,

It is raining outside and I can hear the skies roaring at 23: 45.

I watched five movies in two days. That must be my record.

Yesterday, we watched the 16:10 Rang de basanti show at PVR in SRS mall. Good movie in terms of direction, locales, dialogues and comedy. The director mixed up with the end totally. All actors acted well. Aamir Khan’s artificial Punjabi accent was a put down sometimes or may be I had a problem with it. PVR at SRS mall is better than innovative multiplex at marathalli in Bangalore.

Then, I watched Parineeta dvd. Good direction, good acting, good story-book story, originality- such were its ingredients. Saif Ali Khan and Indian beauty Vidya Balan did full justice to their roles.

The first movie that I watched today was Maine Pyaar kyun kiya. It does make you laugh but unrealistic characters and untimely songs will make you get up and take a break. Sushmita seems to have been typecast into such do-gooder comedy roles until she changes it with her upcoming release Chingari. Salman, of late, has become an essential actor for any david dhawan kind of comedy movie. Save for one or two hits by unexpected directors, all comedy movies these days spring up either from David Dhawan camp or Priyadarshan camp. Read my next paragraph. I don’t know what to write further on comedy.

The next movie was Ek Ajnabee. Arjun Rampal’s role was inconsequential. A very good plot it was, I felt. The characters were not developed completely, incorrect editing and mediocre direction. It could have been better than it was. Vikram Chatwal also figures in the movie. Poultry queen shouldn’t do these kind of roles. Amitabh should stop playing these roles. Enough is enough. He is the most brilliant actor of Indian cinema. He shouldn't waste his time and evergy doing such movies.
Amitabh has bagged the filmfare best actor award for his movie Black

The last movie of the day- Apharan. Nana Patekar has bagged the filmfare award for best villain for this movie. A usual Prakash Jha film means as usual a brilliant film. Jha is brilliant on handling any issue related to Bihar. Most of the actors in this film were also present in his film Gangajal. I don’t consider this movie any less than a brilliant movie on mafia-politician nexus in India.

6 more days to go. How many more will I watch?



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