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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dark Bangalore

Electricity plays hide and seek most of the times these days- rains and high velocity winds being some of the culprits. Come home to find no electricity, fumble for the torch, tread cautiously in house so as not to hurt yourself, wait for the rains to stop so that you could go out for dinner and then come back and try to sleep early because there is nothing else you can do…That’s how evening are when there is no electricity. Apart from that the weather is enjoyable and very pleasant.

Yesterday, windspeeds in Bangalore were recroded at 90KMPH (data as per TOI) whereas the windspeeds recorded in June were 13.6 KMPH. Some old trees fell down claiming one or two lives in the city. Traffic was blocked on many roads because of such trees, as reported by newspapers. Luckily, I did not get stuck in any of the traffic jams in the city. But, as I was needling through the traffic on the way to the bank, I was reminded of the earlier Bangalore and the earlier me.

How both have changed gradually and how both still remain the same. I also started to think about one of my friends, Sachin, with whom I exchanged mails over the same topic few months ago. He loves Mumbai. That’s digressing from the topic.
Sometimes we remain the same while the circumstances (or nature of things) around us change. My question, though, is do we change substantially over the years? Is it the circumstances that shape a person or is the person who creates the circumstances so that he can change himself.

It’s about twelve noon and the Sun, of whatever was there in the morning, is perhaps hiding somewhere behind those dark clouds, which very likely will pour soon. It makes me think if the decision of washing clothes this morning was a wise one. I had no choice though. The clothes are not on clothesline yet. They are waiting for someone to come and take them out and dry them in the cold air outside, which is not happening because the one who is supposed to do is feeling very lazy.

A chain of thoughts has started me to think that almost everyone has his or her own way of washing clothes. I first wash clothes in clean water for 5 minutes so that clothes become less dirty making it easier for detergent, which is next in line, to act on them. Next, as said, I put the detergent in water and rinse the clothes for 15 minutes. Drain the dirty water. Fill the machine with clean water and rinse the clothes in it again for five minutes and viola, the clothes are ready to cling to the clothesline.

I am going to get up in another 10 minutes and put the clothes on clothesline. The Sun is trying hard to come out of clouds while I am watching this strange movie called 'Marie and Bruce' on zstudio. It stars Julianne Moore. I can’t recall the name of the hero.

Guess, I have written enough for the day.

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