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Thursday, December 22, 2005


I watched this hindi movie yesterday night at Zee Cinema! It has been inspired by O henry.

I was not at all convinced with the plot of the movie. There were lots of loopholes like Mannu (Ajay Devgan) was not able to recognize whether Anu Kapoor was Aishwarya’s(Neerja a.k.a. Neeru) husband inspite of participating in her marriage and being the first helping hand. Neeru’s pronunciation of words like ‘Business’, ‘Please’, ‘Raincoat’, 'London' was flawless but she pronounced Brush as beerush.

If Neeru really wanted to hide her financial condition from Mannu, she would have never gone out to buy lunch for him leaving her house completely to him.

Will a guy ever let a stranger use his guest’s house’s restroom without the permission from the guest? On the top of it, will he start explaining everything about his past to a complete stranger?

Inspite of her pleading Mannu so many times not to open the windows with a practically valid reason, will the guy do this thing as soon as she is out?

It was only Anu Kapoor who put some interest back in the movie with his power packed performance. He, according to me, was the best actor of this movie.

Moreover, the dialogues between Mannu and Neeru were so boring that I wanted the movie to move on to the next scene.

I wouldn’t have liked to watch this movie on a big screen. Rituparno Ghosh should try something better.


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