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Thursday, September 21, 2006

TiE networking meeting- talk by Deep Nishar

I and two of my colleagues went to listen to a talk by Deep Nishar- Director, Product Management, Google in the TiE networking meeting at Taj Residency. It was titled, ‘Innovation within and beyond Google’. It was on Tuesday.

Deep talked about Google Adsense, Google News, Gmail, Blogger and other products. The talk started with a movie clip, which showed how the name Google is being used in Talk shows, Hollywood movies and how Google products are gaining popularity.

He shed light on how a project start in Google is in contrast to a project start in a big company. In Google, if an employee comes up with an idea, which he has taken to some stage of execution and if his idea is approved by the Management, he is given a Product Manager and two employees to work with. The project starts! After some time, based on the requirement of the project, 2-3 employees join the project and it becomes a full-fledged running project. To get a fast user feedback, they release a beta to the users as soon as the product (or service) is in some shape.

You might know that in Google every employee is given 20% of office time to work on his/her personal project.

Deep stressed again and again that it is the passion that drives Google employees and not anything else. They hire best of the best. He also brought forth the management funda that the team manager of a new team should spend at least 50% of his time in finding the right people.

I incidentally met some people whom I had met in Barcamp Bangalore held in April 2006- Pooran Prasad from Zealous Technologies being one of them.

The question answer session which followed the talk was all the more interesting where people asked all sorts of question, one of them being, ‘what will make Google crash?’ :))


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