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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Fountainhead

I finished reading Fountainhead. It is a very interesting novel which underlines the theory of Objectivism brought up by Ayn Rand in her characters.

Howard Roark: An ideal man, an atheist, who lives life on his own terms and proclaims or rather the author, proclaims through him that self happiness bound by reason is the sole aim in life and no amount of charity can replace it. He is an aspiring architect who believes in creativity and does not give into the stale ideas of any second-hander.

Dominique Francon: I liked everything about her character but her marriage to Keating. Her moments with Howard are as precious as the drops of water in a desert.

Gail Wynand: A living example of rags-to-riches life; Wynand, a publisher of famous tabaloid Banner employs the likes of Dominique and Toohey. He represents power- power to dominate anyone and anything; to demean or make anyone or anything larger than life. Dominique also ends up in a married life with him for 7 years. He comes up as the one of the only few characters you like during the last hundred pages of the novel.

Ellsworth Toohey: A character whom you will like till very long in the novel until you understand what he is up to. He believes in mediocrity and works towards putting it in a golden frame. His character comes up as the main villain in the novel.

Peter Keating: A weak soul whose occupation represents expectation of his mother. He lives his life on what people describe as the best. He accepts defeat at last (rather from the very beginning in the novel)

I did not want my write-up to be a spoiler that is why I chose to write about the characters rather than the story. It was very nice to read the story coming to a happy end. Moreover this is not what i think about the characters; this is what i think the author thought about the characters...


  • Please post what you thought of the characters.

    By Anonymous Andrea, at 9:19 AM, July 22, 2006  

  • Hi Andrea,
    I have, to an extent, described what i think about the characters though not in detail...Is there a particular character you will like to discuss?

    By Blogger Shoonya, at 4:03 PM, July 24, 2006  

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